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Initial Website Content


Who will provide the logo for your website? (Tick appropriate box)

       I have the original graphic design files that were used to create our logo.

         I have a company logo in Jpg format or other format compatible with Photoshop.

       I have some brochures or stationery with my logo on it that I can send you.

       I would like ‘Business Websites Direct’ to design a logo 


Who will provide the copy/text for your site? (Tick appropriate box)

 I will have professionally prepared text ready for use.

 I will have all the text ready in a word document format for each page in the site.

 I will supply the text in a word document format but I would like ‘Business Websites Direct’ to organise it, edit and optimize it for the web.


Note: We have computer software which can quickly extract word text from scanned or hard copy documents for cut and paste to Web Sites. This method is not suitable if the text overlays complex graphics.


Who will provide the images for your site?

 I have all the images ready as a jpg format or other format compatible with Photoshop.

 I want you to select and use images from digital photos that I provide.

 I would like Business Websites Direct to provide stock photos and use some photos that I provide.


 I would like Business Websites Direct to provide all stock photos and or digital photography for my site.

I would like Business Websites Direct to discuss the option of supplying photographs.



Note: there will be an additional cost for the supply of stock photographs in some cases. We can take professional photographs and video if required. The cost of this service will vary depending upon complexity. We use the latest Nikon Digital SLR cameras with HD video facilities and use Photoshop software and graphic design packages for image manipulation.


Website Information Form


Please fill in the form with as much detail and accuracy as possible. This initial effort in is aimed to benefit you in cost savings in the longer term. It also benefits us because it will give a more accurate assessment of your needs and costs. In other words it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process.


Complete as much as you can, save it and return it to:



Contact Details


Contact Name:

Company Name if applicable:


Phone Number:



Current Website Address if applicable:



Business/Organisation Details


Business/Organisation Description:

What does your business do? What are your products/services?


Target Market:

Who uses your products/services?

Market Geography:

Is your market local only, national or international?


Internet Role:

Is your business internet based only?

 Yes        No



Who are your competitors? List their website addresses if relevant and any comments.

Check one box that best describes how you would like to update the content on the website. 


 Buisness Websites Direct manage your Website for you.

Content is maintained by Business websites Direct. Each individual file is edited directly and the new files are uploaded to the web server (host computer). Best suited for small websites or sites where content is not changed regularly


 You mange your own Website

Most content is maintained by you. The content is stored in on a remote server and can be accessed with a password. You can edit your content via any computer. Best suited for websites where content is changed regularly. Note: The design package we use is simple to edit and we will supply help and advice when/if required.



Site Structure (Navigation)


We usually design the navigation scheme in collaboration with our clients by gathering all the content together and discussing how best to group the information to allow easy user navigation and achieve the primary objectives of the site. However you might not have all your content together at this stage, so to allow us to work out the scale of the project it will help us if you can name the major areas of your proposed site.


Are there any ideas on the proposed navigation scheme?

 We have already created a navigation scheme in-house (if so please return to us with this document).

We have a rough idea of how we would like to arrange the navigation scheme but would like advice.

 We would like Business websites Direct to create the navigation scheme.


Navigation Labels:

Describe the main navigation labels for your site. (See example below)


Example of a navigation scheme below:


About - (Overview, Client Testimonials, Client Links)

Services - (Overview, Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation, Web Site Hosting)


FAQ - (General Questions, Web Design Procedure)




Design Elements (Look and Feel)


This part of the profile is very helpful in assessing your design expectations. You could search on the internet to find sites with similarities to your project and let us know what you like or dislike about the sites. Find 1 or 2 sites in each category.

List any websites with a similar look and feel, user interface or layout as your project.


List any relevant sites in our portfolio that are similar to your potential website



Use the space below to describe the design you expect. For example: are their specific colours we should use? Will it be a 2 or 3 column layout? Does the design have to appeal to a particular target group or demographic?




Site Functionality


Do you require any of the following functionality included in the website?

 Contact form or Enquiry form

 Image gallery (popup large images) 

 News Module (extract on home page which links to full detail page)

 Events Module (extract on home page which links to full detail page)

 Links Manager (add website links with descriptions)

 Product Catalogue (products in categories)

 User/membership sign up forms (user database or newsletter)

 Password protected areas of the site (members only)

 E-commerce using an external website for processing payments (such as Paypal)

Describe any other functionality (in your own words it does not need to be technical language) you would like included in your website? In other words what actions does the site need to perform?

List sites that have the same functionality (what the site does) as you require.

Domain Name and Web Hosting


Would you like us to register a domain name for you?

 Yes    No

Would you like us to arrange web hosting for you?

 Yes   No

Would you like us to set up an Adwords account and other marketing tools

Yes   No

If you have any other comments not covered above please fill in the box below:


Thank you for taking the time to complete this website planner. We will contact you as soon as possible after you return it to us at


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